The Game Of Poker Is Not Only For Men

Poker in traditional ways is a men’s competition. The champions tended to be mostly male, but that was probably very much because most players were inclined towards adult males. More and more women have made it a competition through professional means, however, this is still a male-dominated universe.

Because of that, let’s take a look at some female poker people who spend a lot of time at the casino table and know the most dewapoker poker chip take-home techniques.

Kathleen Leibert
Leibert made his first million in 2002, when he finished first in the Party Poker Million. She also received a World Series of Poker bracelet in 2004 with a value of 5.7 million, and has also won a prize money in receptive industry championships than any woman, placing 41st in approximately the Money check list during the Bandarqq Period.

Annie Duke
It started in 2013 that Duke was the winner of the nationwide Head-Up Poker Championship – a title that awarded him $ 500,000 – but the first time, in 2004, he was the winner of the first set as well as the $ 2 million in the Championship set of the Poker Tournament of Champions. world set. As well as other prizes, his outright championship win was nearly $ 4.3 million; it occupies the 71st position on the Money List forever time.

Annette Obrestad
At the tender age of 22, Obrestad, who comes from Norway, has already won over $ 3, 3 million and contains a World Bracelet to make his name. In 2004 she set the record for the largest single event payout for a female participant, receiving $ 2 million. It is in the 110th position on the Money List Over the Period. (It is one of the most popular bodies of many Norwegian players)

Jennifer Harman
In the calendar year, Harman, who plays with poker because of his most important college income channel, has already made over $ 2.6 million, and counts two World Series of Poker bracelets under his own name. Harman regularly uses his position on planet poker from the name of the charity. It ranks 174th on the Over Time Money Check List.

Clonie Gowen
Gowen, who has been introduced to poker by the father of a girlfriend, has taken over $ 1.6 million for the position and date of 361 on the Money List forever time. She first gained popularity in fact after she finished topping the 2003 World Poker Tour, and earned an invitation instead of the Night of the Women’s World Poker Tour that year, which she won.

Maria Ho
Carrying 240,000 Ho in this year’s World Series of Poker is particularly charming due to two factors: Ho is 24, and she is the last girl to stand on the set. With no additional source of income not only from poker chips, Ho claims he doesn’t care about turning into a female poker player – he just wants popularity to be a great player. Starting from 2005 he has generated nearly $ 400,000 and 1,808 positions on the Money List forever.

Evelyn Ng
I know his way around the poker and blackjack tables. At 17 he was already fighting blackjack and poker in Toronto. As of 2008, Ng has brought in approximately $ 380,000 in winnings. He came in second row then Gowen in the WPT Ladies’ Night Time championship, defeated Duke together with Harman, Amongst Others. Ng Order 1. 943 About Money List During Period