Tricks to Win Capsa Susun

After making the scheme collide with the player’s enemy, whoever issues the card with the larger number is therefore the winner. The iconic line of cards, from lowest to highest, are diamonds, teams, hearts and spades.

The following is the Bandarqq Agent card model that can be issued, which is as follows:

Royal Flush is almost the same as the series, but the difference is that the icons must be the same. And can reply to a number two, and even then the game is over. The person who scores two will lose and the one who puts out the Royal Flush will win. For example, the enemy takes out a number two spades, after which you reply with a Royal Flush of 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hearts, so even then you will get the Trick to Win Capsa Susun.

2. Piting / Bomb
The benefits of piting are the same as the Royal Flush. The only difference is that piting consists of four cards with the same number. For example, the enemy draws two hearts, after which you reply with a Piting of four. Therefore, even then, the capsa stacking game is over and you are the winner of poker88.

3. Pure
Pure consists of three cards that are consecutive and have the same suit. Pure can also oppose straight. For example, you put out a polo from eight to king, after which it was rewarded with a pure 7, 8, 9 hearts. After that you reply again with 8, 9, 10 spades so you are the champion in that turn.

4. Straight
You can issue a Series if you have cards whose consecutive numbers and icons can be different. Series cards consist of at least five cards. Suppose you put a series from four to eight, can be opposed with a series from eight to King,

5. Full House / Polo
This card is a blend of thress and pair. For example, you cast Polo 6, which means you throw Threes 6 and whatever. Remember if you want to oppose another polo look at the Threes card. For example, if you want to oppose polo 6, then the enemy is Threes 7 and whatever.

6. Three of a kind
Cards that are issued are 3 cards of the same number. As an example, you put out Threes 5, which means you take out three cards with the number five.

7. Pair
The card that is issued is a pair whose numbers must be the same. So the parable is if you issue Per 4. That means you put out two cards of four.